ROLAND Juno 106 Vintage Analog Synth

The Roland Juno-106 is a 6 voices polyphonic vintage analog synthesizer made in 1984. 1 DCO (saw/square/pulse) + Noise + Sub osc per voice, HPF and LPF 24dB/oct, one LFO and one ADSR envelope to modulate DCO and VCF, analog chorus: not really a synthesis master but a lot of personnality, and this Juno model features patch memory (instead of Juno-6) and full MIDI implementation (instead of Juno-60).


Roland Juno 106


See this Roland Juno 106


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Roland MKS-80 “Super Jupiter” Analogue Synthesizer with MPG-80 Programmer

Not really a Roland Jupiter 8 in a box, since there’s two rev. (4 & 5) with different filters (IR3109 / IR3R05) and no arpeggiator. But the MKS-80 is a great little analog 8 voices polyphonic machine with 2 VCOs per voice, memories, LP/HP filters with modulation. And the MPG-80 programmer makes it a serious realtime intuitive machine.

Roland MKS-80

See the auction (UK)

Here is a little demo using the programmer:

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