Linn Electronics Linndrum LM-2 Vintage Drum Machine

This is the lengendary Linndrum LM-2, extensively used on 80’s productions (Genesis’s “Mama”, Stevie Wonder’s “Part-Time Lover”, Wham!’s “Last Christmas”, etc.). All 15 drum sounds are made from 35kHz samples, with dedicated controls to tune, pan, and mix each sound. Some great features for the time like “swing”, quantizing possibilites, individual outputs. The Linndrum LM2 is definitely a must have all time classic drum machine!


Linn Electronics Linndrum LM2


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Roland TR-606 Vintage Analog Drum Machine

As a part of the cool analog tandem TB-303 / TR-606, this Roland TR-606 (aka “Drumatix”) is à 32 patterns / 8 songs vintage drumboxe with 7 fully analog drum sounds. The pattern can be edited wile running and the box got DIN in/out for sync. And it can runs on 1.5V battery if you want to create some good house loops lying on the beach…


Roland TR-606 TR606


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