Roland SH-5 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

The little brother of the Roland SH-7, the Roland SH-5 is an monophonic analog high-end synthesizer. It’s a particularly well-equipped synthesizer with its 2 VCOs, 2 envelopes, 3 LFOs, 2 VCFs (a VCF with HP, LP, BP selector and modulations and a VCF with BP only), Ring Mod, Sample & Hold, and a mixer matrix for levels adjust and modulations routing.

Roland SH5


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Moog The Source Vintage Analog Synthesizer

The Moog Music “The Source” is an analog monophonic synthesizer, featuring 2 VCO (Saw/Tri/Square-Pulse) and pink noise generator, 24dB resonant Low-Pass VCF (with self-oscillation), 2 ADSR (routing to VCF and VCA), Suare/Tri LFO, digital Sample & Hold, sequencer (2×88 notes), 24 notes programmable arpeggiator, CV/Trig. input and output, and it’s the first one of moog instruments to offer a patch memory (16 locations). But no more knobs…


Moog Source


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Linn Electronics Linndrum LM-2 Vintage Drum Machine

This is the lengendary Linndrum LM-2, extensively used on 80’s productions (Genesis’s “Mama”, Stevie Wonder’s “Part-Time Lover”, Wham!’s “Last Christmas”, etc.). All 15 drum sounds are made from 35kHz samples, with dedicated controls to tune, pan, and mix each sound. Some great features for the time like “swing”, quantizing possibilites, individual outputs. The Linndrum LM2 is definitely a must have all time classic drum machine!


Linn Electronics Linndrum LM2


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ROLAND Juno 106 Vintage Analog Synth

The Roland Juno-106 is a 6 voices polyphonic vintage analog synthesizer made in 1984. 1 DCO (saw/square/pulse) + Noise + Sub osc per voice, HPF and LPF 24dB/oct, one LFO and one ADSR envelope to modulate DCO and VCF, analog chorus: not really a synthesis master but a lot of personnality, and this Juno model features patch memory (instead of Juno-6) and full MIDI implementation (instead of Juno-60).


Roland Juno 106


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Sequential Circuits Pro-One

The SCI Pro One is an analog monophonic synth, similar in what a monophonic Prophet 5 would be. With 2 VCO (with layerable Saw/Square and Saw/Square/Tri waveforms) and a noise generator, 1 LFO (Tri/Saw/Square), 2 ADSR envelopes (routing to VCA and VCF), a mini-sequencer (2×40 notes), an arpeggiator (up or up/down), CV/Gate input and output, VCF and audio inputs, the most interesting thing is the modulation routing possibilities such linear FM, filter audio modulation, ring-mod like FXs, VCO sync… A must have monosynth in all synth’s lover setup!


Sequential Circuits Pro One


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Seiko DS-202 / DS-310 / DS-320 Vintage Synthesizer and Sequencer

Not an analog beauty here but an obscure vintage keyboards series made by Seiko in 80’s. The Seiko DS-202 keyboard is a simple home arranger (tones + rhythm + bass chord system) with a great analog chorus but an interesting thing here is that sounds generated are not made from subtractive, FM or PCM synthesis but from additive synthesis. And the Seiko DS-310 synthesizer module offers the possibility to fully edit it!

To finish, the Seiko DS-320 module is a sequencer, since the DS202 doesn’t have MIDI ports (you will have to get the Seiko DS-250 for MIDI capabilities, and to oscillator layers instead of one but no more rhythms or bass chords).

Anyway, since hardware additive synthesizers are rare and expensive (RMI Harmonic Synthesizer, Digital Keyboards Synergy, Fairlight CMI, Synclavier, Kurzweil K150, Kawai K5x-serie), it may be worth trying this great vintage and cheap synth for unique pads, atmos, choirs and strange FX…


Seiko DS-202 DS-310 DS-320


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Roland SH-2 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

While the Roland SH-09, complement of the RS-09 Organ/String Machine, only have one VCO + sub oscillator, the Roland SH-2 is the same thing with one more VCO (and a sine wave added). With the external input going thru the great filter of this pretty nice vintage analog monosynth, you can have some good time filtering on!


Roland SH-2 SH2


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Roland TR-606 Vintage Analog Drum Machine

As a part of the cool analog tandem TB-303 / TR-606, this Roland TR-606 (aka “Drumatix”) is à 32 patterns / 8 songs vintage drumboxe with 7 fully analog drum sounds. The pattern can be edited wile running and the box got DIN in/out for sync. And it can runs on 1.5V battery if you want to create some good house loops lying on the beach…


Roland TR-606 TR606


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